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Thread: Anyone made DIY component cables yet??

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    Default Anyone made DIY component cables yet??

    So, has anyone here tried the DIY component cables? I am thinking about giving it a shot bit I am a little scared since composite cables are even hard to find and I dont want to go two weeks wiiless. If you don't know what I'm smacking my gums about then got to:

    Anyway, I am probaly gonna start trying this in a day or so. If everything goes ok, I will post a how to with lotsa pics and what not. It SEEMS easy but........

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    I didn't bother reading the whole thing because I'm just going to buy one when they're available. Gamespot also has a cool thing comparing screen shots from the two cables.

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    Ya, i made homemade component cables. it works, but the grounding part was tricky for me. i gunna buy a cable anyway when they go down, so i took it apart. but, yeah, the one i made worked.

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