Guess what! Witch’s Workshop: Open for Business is now available for download on your Nook and via another Appstore that shall not be named!

It rhymes with Parmesan. Sort of. And it’s like a river in South America. A river in South America that requires four to six weeks to approve the use of their name in a press release. Which is a long period of time. But the point is that you can now download Witch’s Workshop: Open for Business on more devices! Isn’t that fun?

No, we haven’t launched on iOS yet. But we are soon! And, c’mon, be happy with us for this launch on Nook and that other Appstore we can’t name. For these platforms we have to make the game available for a small price ($0.99 to $1.99 isn’t bad, right?) But it’s totally worth it.

What is Witch’s Workshop: Open for Business, you ask? Why, it’s an exciting match-3 and time management game! It's a mystical land of fairies and dragons, witches and wizards, indentured servants and old ladies who need dentures. Yes, that's right. Even in this enchanted place, the peasant folk have their troubles and are looking for a cure! Luckily for them, there's the Witch's Workshop - a one stop shop for cure-all potions. Annie's Aunt Gwendolyn had been running this shop for years until she mysteriously vanished while working on a potion to cure spontaneous invisibility. It's up to Annie to get the Witch's Workshop back up and running.

“What?!?! We have to distribute these games near the Amazon in South America?!” said Ben Lichius, Art and Creative Director at Spark Plug Games. “I didn't sign on for that! They have mosquitoes the size of your head! Did you know that? ...The size of your head!"

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