Yesterday's launch of Trials Evolution proved too much for Microsoft's servers as 100,000 players posted times on the game's leaderboards.
Players of RedLynx's long-awaited follow-up to Trials HD were met with long loading screens as the XBLA game attempted to bring up times for each track, and then repeated failure notices. Ghost replays were also absent. As a result, Microsoft has quickly had to increase available server space.
"The stress on the leaderboard servers became extremely severe late last evening," RedLynx told us in a statement.
"For a while, the leaderboards were in read-only mode, then couldn't be read at all. Microsoft worked quickly to deploy more hardware and the situation seems to have stabilised.
Microsoft is now preparing for any more surges in activity that might occur over the next couple of days as more players join the fray, so hopefully no more faultless gold runs will go to waste.
"We apologise for the inconvenience," RedLynx's statement continues, "and obviously we're working closely with Microsoft's backend team to improve the situation and prevent this sort of thing from happening again."
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