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Thread: Will Sakura Taisen 2 run on the Dreamcast using the latest Yabusu?

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    Question Will Sakura Taisen 2 run on the Dreamcast using the latest Yabusu?

    I just imported (still on its way) Sakura Taisen 2 Special Edition from Japan, but I don't have a Saturn... Using Yabause to emulate Saturn games, I know that the first Sakura Taisen is compatible, but is the second one compatible? It's not on the compatibility list on the Yabause website :/
    I've emulated games (not Saturn games) that "shouldn't" technically be emulated on certain emulators, so...

    Is there anybody out there who has tested it or will test it to find out?

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    If it does, it won't be at all useful to play it. Yabause for the Dreamcast is basically nothing more than a proof that emulating a Saturn on the Dreamcast is possible. There's no sound, and it runs at around 2-5FPS in games.

    You'd probably have much better luck with Yabause on your PC, assuming it was bought/built sometime in the past 4 years or so.
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