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Thread: [PSP] 2.71 Special Edition - Revision C custom firmware Released!

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    Default [PSP] 2.71 Special Edition - Revision C custom firmware Released!

    From the readme:
    Quote Originally Posted by readme
    SE-C can only be installed in a full install

    If you are in a previous version of SE, simply copy the seupdmake, seupdmaker%, 271seflasher and 271seflasher% folders to
    /PSP/GAME150 and follow the same instructions than when installing from 1.50.

    SHA1 of DXAR: A283CFC4EFA274A1A41C7A11E7EFF8FE1A59473A
    MD5 of DXAR: E51EFACDAAF088F0308857FFDA6C18FA

    The instructions of installation are the same as previous versions.

    Loading plugins from the ms.

    Plugins from the ms are loaded from the folder ms0:/seplugins

    You need to write two text files inside that folder: game.txt and vsh.txt
    These files have a module path in each line to load with umd games/homebrew and with the vsh
    respectively. A maximum of 5 modules is allowed in each one.

    Example, content of a game.txt or vsh.txt


    Once the files game.txt and vsh.txt are created, you can enable/disable each plugin in the recovery menu.
    Note that if you have too many modules loading, the xmb or the game may not start because of lack of memory.

    A usbhostfs plugin for SE is planed in the near future.
    Quote Originally Posted by changelog
    - Load of plugins from the ms
    - Changes in the HEN core:

    * Fixed a bug in the loading of big user prx's, that affected a plain prx of socom2 umd, and some
    homebrew prx's.

    * Bypassed a crappy $ce protection that prevented the umd to be mounted if the application was run from
    the memory stick

    * Usb mass storage couldn't be loaded by homebrews in non-devhook version because semawm.prx is sign checked.
    HEN now applies the algorithm to reverse the sign check, letting this and the rest of firmware
    modules to be loaded by a homebrew.

    - Added a SDK for SE-C/HEN-D. (in a separate download)

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    We know its on the front page , threads like this shouldnt be started

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    This was posted before the front page one:
    Today, 17:25

    November 25th, 2006, 23:29 Posted By: wraggster

    And this was moved from the submit news section

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    I have a question..

    Where do you download plugins for SE-C? Any websites or anywhere?

    (I just upgraded to 2.71 SE-C ).

    I'm interested in the "mymusicplugin.prx"

    Also, how do you enable a plugin? (In recovery menu or something?)

    Thanks for any help.

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