For those of you who are dying to get some Wagic news in a sea of Vita, I have good news: We just started the beta test of version 0.18. The beta is open to anyone who is registered on our Wagic forums (note: this is not the same as the /talk forums, you need to register separately) and wants to help.

Wagic is an Heroic Fantasy card game with a mix of luck and strategy. You can find details here.

If you donít want to help finding the bugs and/or prefer to wait, the public release should happen soon enough.

Without going too much into details (which I will do for the official release), this version finally adds official support for Planeswalkers, and many improvements in the interface for touch devices (Android/iOS)

Iíll also do proper thanks for the official release, but want to already thank Mike for organizing the beta, and Zethfox who did a huge part of the changes in this new version of Wagic.