The games sector will 'live or die based on whether it can find new ways to make users happy', says Newell

Bad games are one of the biggest problems facing the industry as they can deter customers away from future purchases, Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell has claimed.Newell said that potential users would likely turn away from the sector altogether, and not just away from a single publisher’s releases, if they had bad experiences with poorly designed games.
“The real question is, are people going to spend time playing games or browse the internet or watch movies?” he said in a podcast interview with Seven Day Cooldown.“We’re really still at the phase where there are so many more people who aren’t playing games than those who are. The reality is, anyone who plays a great game and has a great time is more likely to buy another game. Our biggest issue is that $#@!ty games are much worse for us as an industry overall. “It’s not like you go ‘oh good that customer has dollars in their pocket, they can spend them on my game’. It’s more like they just aren’t going to buy games in general, or go do something else with their time, [if they play a game they don’t enjoy].”