Nintendo has announced the launch of Nintendo Zone, a location-based interactive service that gives 3DS owners access to trailers, screenshots, demos and other content while on the move.
Users can access the service using one of 25,000 WiFi hotspots across the UK, locating the nearest ones by visiting; the Nintendo Zone icon will then flash when it is in range of a WiFi signal.
It's smart stuff, highlighting the fact that, even if they're not interested in game trailers or screenshots on the move, 3DS owners are able to browse the web, download SpotPass data, and even buy games from the eShop download store while out and about.
Access to the service requires that users update their 3DS to the latest firmware update, which has been released today. In addition to heralding the launch of Nintendo Zone, the update enables users to organise their 3DS games and apps into folders on the home screen. It also adds support for patches, with Nintendo to patchMario Kart 7's notorious next month.