Dragon Quest X, the Wii continuation of Square Enix's real flagship series and the one that is an MMO this time will launch in Japan on August 2, Square Enix announced today. The base retail price for the actual disc and stuff is 6,980 ($86); this includes 20 days of free play. A limited edition will include a USB memory stick for an extra 2,000. A Wii U version is still on the way, but all details are "undecided."

Of course, there are also the fees to contend with. For 1,000 ($12.35), you can get a 30-day voucher allowing you to play with up to three characters; 60 days runs 1,950 ($24), and 90 days costs 2,900 ($36). Wii Points can also be used to buy DQX time, in equivalent denominations.