Newly released for the PC:

The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Gates of FateWhen the Gates of Fate send Alex and Lisa back in time, each to a different decade, they must figure out how to return to the present, and each other, before a rumbling volcano erupts and causes total devastation!14 chapters and 56 locations50 mini-games and 256 quest itemsThe Treasures of Mystery Island: Ghost ShipTrack down a friend who has disappeared on a tropical island! As you explore lost temples, devastated coastlines, and abandoned villages, you'll uncover a 60 year-old mystery surrounding a shaman and his efforts to save his island.4 massive chapters and 60 spine-shivering locations15 mini-gamesGhost Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance FairA vengeful ghost has damaged the fair attractions, vandalised shops and driven away the park patrons. Inspect the eerie attractions to find the source of the park's paranormal activity.Over 30 eerie locations and puzzles to investigateReveal physic energy and clues with the Spectrometer!

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