Saber lit up in flames when Toda Satoshi's Saber figure trilogy becomes a quadrilogy. More flamboyant and more extravagant, this figure combines the fire in Fate Extra with Toda's brand of armor design.

The red and the gold hint at the warrior's Roman origins.

The over skirt sparkles metallic red, giving her a fiercer image while the transparent underskirt billows about her like a flower in full bloom. The contrasting images of power and fragility is strengthened with the sword. And look at the servant's face; the determination shines through the serenity.

As blindingly beautiful as the flames, Saber Extra is available today:

Fate/Extra 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Saber Extra JPN * US$ 116.90

The Phantom of Sparta finds his way into the Play-Arts studios. He will continue his quest for vengeance and never ending war in the collector's display shelves.

White faced and muscular, he resembles a ghost tormented by his past. Tattoos run down his cheek, adding to his look of fierceness.