Just looking at this little thing makes our hands ache. But [Kirren] did do a great job ofbuilding an N64 controller inside a tiny project box. Itís not a mod, but a ground-up build based on a PIC 16F628 microcontroller.
It has most of the buttons found on a standard controller, and he assures us that you can play most games without missing the ones that didnít make it into the design. You can just make out the analog stick to the left, but that silver ring on the right is actually a 4-direction tactile switch which stands in for the C buttons. Heís also included Start, A, B, R, and Z.
The link above goes to his Wiki, and there are more than enough details if youíre interested in doing this yourself or just understanding how everything works. Check out his writeup on the protocol, and you can even get a copy of his code. Thereís also a video demo after the break which shows [Kirren] playing some Bond with the controller.