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Thread: Blaze slashes GameGadget price, promises refunds for existing owners

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    Default Blaze slashes GameGadget price, promises refunds for existing owners

    Retro emulation-based handheld GameGadget has had its RRP slashed from £99.99 to £59.99.
    Makers Blaze say the move is due to “phenomenal demand and support”. Furthermore, the company has said it will refund all current owners £40 to make up for the price drop.
    “Demand and support for GameGadget has been phenomenal taking us completely by surprise,” GameGadget creator Jason Cooper stated. “It has enabled us to secure significant cost savings on future production, well ahead of schedule.
    “As we are serious about GameGadget becoming a “must have” gadget, that everyone can afford, we are therefore passing on our cost savings immediately.
    “From day one we said we would be honest with our customers. We shall be refunding all customers the equivalent value of today’s price drop. They and future customers can now be confident that GameGagdet has reached its optimum price, in record time. There will be no further price reductions.”
    Since launch the device has been beset by problems, including a software issue that prevented it functioning correctly out of the box.
    Some owners have also been angered that, for the time being at least, only 30 titles are available for the machine, all of which are Mega Drive titles priced at £4.99 a piece.
    Blaze is marketing the download service as “the gaming equivalent of iTunes”.

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    At £59.99 this is a steal!! I'm still on the fence at the moment but from what I have read, this is better than the Dingoo and also cheaper!

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