A machine to go back in time, it exists in Hollywood movies in the series, in the cartoons ... but it also exists on PSP! Do not worry, we laughed ! and duh, behind this pretty name is read through the above title, which will remain strange, hiding the new revision 2 beta of the new tool to upgrade / install OFW / CFW 6.60 ME home neur0ner , tool using the Pandora battery!!

This is somewhat of a new generation of kit Despertar Del Cementerio the famous PSP hacker Dark_Alex . The latter has been used previously to downgrade and PSP compatible flash Pandora (PSP Slim and FAT 100X 200X non 8C), using the famous battery modified to forcibly boot the PSP into service mode , coupled with a custom IPL (Initial Program Load) installed on what is commonly called memory card Memory Stick Magic . This duo and once started to control the nand of the PSP and so do what you want with: - Debrickage - Downgrade - Upgrade - dump, restoring the nand - Installation of OFW specific - CFW Installation of our choice with custom IPL match - Test a CFW without installing it on the nand. Among these famous kits, there are the most used kit SDC 8 of Team M33 kit and the Pandora XGEN the team PSP GEN . Over time, the OFW / CFW installable with these kits have become "so to say" a little old! It was time to move on to offering kits of CFW / OFW 6.XX . ... And since nature would have it, the famous Swiss developer Total_Noob , to whom we owe the HEN 6.20 produced the reverse-engineering of the kit of 8 SDC Dark_Alex, giving the source code the different actors in the scene for a possible upgrade of this small jewelry dating from 2009! From Switzerland to Japan, neur0ner begins its work in this direction, he has posted a new form of the kit under the name Time Machine , it allows the launch (test without installation) and / or installation of the official firmware 6.60 but also directly CFW 6.60 1.8 ME


- This is a beta, it is supposed to contain bugs or other, so only use it if you have a pandora battery!
- This kit is only compatible with the PSP Slim and FAT 100X 200X non 8C ! (The PSP 8C 200X, 300X, and GB Street are not compatible with!)
- For the installation and testing, you will need the official 6.60 firmware, there is provided a little lower.
- Other functions are expected to revise the next, it's just a beta, but we know well neur0ner and serious work so no worries, Time Machine will evolve, expand and improve over versions. Use : - Copy TIMEMACHINE_ADDON folder to PSP / GAME directory on memorystick. - Copy of official 6.60 to memorystick root, rename it to 660.PBP. - Run TIMEMACHINE_ADDON and choose option1: install it iplloader MS boot sector. - Choose option 2: install 660ME ( 01g + 02g model). Wait Until all files are extracted. - Shutdown PSP and power up again with the Square buttton pressed. - Add / change this line in CONFIG.TXT file folder inside TM are memorystick: SQUARE = "/ TM/660/ipl.bin"; 6.60 ME boot Will have installed fresh firmware so you Have to configure Date and Time first, then run it with default settings Will