Tyne has released a new version of his Quake Mod for the Dreamcast, heres whats new:

- Vigil has a new attack, stand still and hold down attack - its not completely finished yet
- Vigils wall jump kick is now an effect way to combo after his uppercut slice!
- Hit point bars from Wazat's Conquest mod have been plugged into TAoV! Now you're able to see an enemies health!
- Vigil is now able to wall grab when he is in his first set of pain frames while in air, to put it simply; loosened controls.
- New animations on Vigil, his idle frames have improved
- Arch Ghoul & Electric Squid now make an appearence! They've been added to the dungeon level
- Fixed a few minor bugs
- Minor tweaks to a lot of different aspects, every time I play the mod I notice something that could be improved, look better or act better
- Twister now gradually causes enemies to spin around it and be thrown in a random direction most of the time
- Firebeam's damaging has been completely recoded, more faithful on the amount of hits and is now able to hit the Wraith
- Skeleton's feet are no longer sinked into the ground, raised the models Z height by 3
- Vigil's default standing frames have been replaced with a more aggressive one

Download Here