Newly released today at Play Asia:

TRITTON's officially licensed Trigger Stereo Headset delivers a comfortable high-quality audio experience for Xbox 360 gaming. Providing the ability to adjust your chat volume and voice volume separately and on-the-fly the Trigger is the ideal plug-and-play USB headset for all your Xbox 360 gaming needs. Whether your console is legacy or current-gen and connected to a display via HDMI or component/VGA/composite the Trigger is ready to go right out of the box. All required cables and adapters are included to ensure you can connect to any Xbox 360 within minutes. Utilizing the highest quality drivers available for use in commercial headsets - - Neodymium - - high-fidelity game and chat audio is pumped through a pair of amplified 40mm speakers for deep bass and crystal-clear highs. If the chatter from your opponent gets distracting and starts to hinder your online gameplay experience just turn a dial on the in-line audio controller (A) to tune them out. Game volume (B) can also be adjusted on-the-fly so you can drown out your foe's voice but still hear stealthy in-game footsteps creeping up behind you. Use the integrated headset port (C) to effortlessly connect the Trigger to your controller and mute/unmute the microphone with the flick of a switch (D).

Price: US$ 69.40 / Usually ships within 5-15 days