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Thread: Asteroids Released

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    ipod Asteroids Released

    dwelch posted this news/release:

    It has been a long time...Some may remember me.

    I have been working on Asteroids again (static binary translation).

    A demo version is available here:

    Demo version hangs after about five minutes. (someone remind me what the relationship is between sysclk and the timer ticks).

    You will find the file iRoids.bin. THIS IS NOT A LINUX PROGRAM. This is a complete, standalone, embedded application. Think in terms of it is its own operating system.

    Works just fine with Loader 2, you do not need to install linux to use this program. Only Loader 2, the .bin file and an ipodloader.conf file. An example ipodloader.conf file is also included.

    Press select (center of dial on 3rd gen) to start.
    Rewind Rotates left
    Menu Rotates right
    Play/Pause thrusts
    Fast Forward rotates right

    If you press/tap both rewind and select it will toggle the backlight, toggles until you release, so it may take a few tries to turn it off or on.

    Developed and tested on a 3rd generation iPod. It may or may not need tweaks for others.

    Full source code is also included in the above zip. Well, the roms are not, to build you will need to secure the rom files. Then trans.exe will translate the rom to game.c and rom2.h. From there you can build everything else.
    gmain.c wraps around game.c. The core game files are very easy to port to other platforms or operating systems.

    I used my own (win32) gcc cross compiler to build the above binary
    Working GBA, GP2X, and iPod examples are included (Hello World!).

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    Good work dwelch

    PSN ID: splodger15

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