Newly released/announced for the PSP on import from Play Asia.

Valhalla Knights 2 is a fantasy action RPG that places emphasize on large scale free character customization. The only setting placed on the protagonist is his origin from the orphanage and the start of his/her career path as a licensed explorer. The rest you can freely customize to suit your fancy, for example, you can decide what specie your player character belongs to, skills, past experiences and appearance etc. Get ready to start your own adventure through the game as your very own persona and battle your way through the hurdles with the friends you have made on your journey. Compared to the last installment there is a larger variety of opponents to battle, weapons to fight with and items to use. Battles are expanded to include a total of twelve characters, six on your side and six on your opponents'. Play on adhoc mode with your friends, turn on your wireless facility and compete, or cooperate with them in battles. Graphics, plot lines and sounds are all upgraded as well. The event scenarios are scripted by Shouda Miwa, who has been working on famous RPGs like Final Fantasy XII and the Mana series while the music is written by Nakaoka Shoujiro, who has been the music director of Final Fantasy Advent Children.

Price: US$ 29.40 / Usually ships within 5-15 days