Dig your Dreamcast out, because it's time to play. Brought to you by the NG:DEV.TEAM of Fast Striker and Pink Bullets fame, Gunlord combines colourful bullets with dodges and jumps. Now pick your weapon and blast away the alien s$#@! that stands in the way of you rescuing your wife.

The game takes place in a world where science fiction meets high fantasy. You are Gordian Gaiden, a gun master, your goal is to defeat the Lord of steel. Massive dragons, gigantic mechanical bosses and their smaller cohorts roam the 9 stages.

Each stage is carefully drawn and shaded. However, you don't get much time to just sit down and admire the graphics, for the challenging battles start the moment you load your game. Gamers can choose between Original and Arcade Mode, the later being the more challenging one, suitable for the veteran gamer who's used to enemies firing at them from all 360 degrees.

While you are dealing with the enemies, don't forget to collect diamonds, especially when you want to join the rankings. Log on the internet via the code and see ...[more]