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Thread: Blockbuster unveils VIP Gamer reward scheme

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    Default Blockbuster unveils VIP Gamer reward scheme

    Yet another retailer has made a new move for video games market share – Blockbuster.
    Called Blockbuster VIP Gamer, the retailer boldly claims its new loyalty program will “provide gamers with the most rewarding experience in the gaming market”.
    Unlike other schemes this new offer doesn’t just reward consumers for spending cash – although they will earn 100 points for every £1 spent in-store and online – but they will also earn points for watching trailers and rating gamers on the website.
    Trade-ins will also be rewarded, as will entering competitions.
    Rewards range from discount vouchers and free rentals to free hardware if enough credits are amassed. The rewards will be redeemable either in-store or online.
    “We know gamers and are sure that they will find our reward scheme better than anything they have seen before,” head of marketing Cat Kebbeh stated. “In this competitive market, customers demand the best and we want to engage with them and reward their loyalty with us."
    Customers can sign up to Blockbuster VI Gamer at – this alone will earn 2,500 points.

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    blockbuster is so late in the curb. I used to work for them when I was a stupid. They were so late in the game, they were riding the store rentals wave so long and then netflix and other postal rentals came up and blockbusters just buried their heads in the sand until it was too late, they shut down so many stores and eventually lauched their own shabby online rentals service. Too little, to late.

    The company is not innovative, they took their easy moneymaker for granted and failed to see the next big thing.

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