asper , a member of GBAtemp forums, we now offer a very nice little interface to generate the fault Wilbrand autonomously (unlike its counterpart "Letterbomb" which necessarily requires going through the special website set up by the team Twiizers). This works in conjunction with the original executable Wilbrand (integrated to the archive by us), developed by giantpune and recently integrated Modmii. For latecomers, the fault Wilbrand (and Letterbomb) based on the principle of a Post trapped appearing on the Wii message board. Its opening triggers the execution of the file or boot.dol boot.elf that has been previously placed at the root of the SD card (not SDHC). Note: - The folder "private" containing the fault will be automatically creates the root of the drive that has been uncompressed this interface. It is therefore recommended to unzip the archive directly on the SD card (not SDHC) which will be used to hack your wii. -

Although the interface retrieves the current date, it is best to set the date of the previous day, does make things easier. Indeed, the wii does not detect the message of the day trapped even without having to go to next / previous day and then return to the current date.(Corrected in version 1.2) - The interface automatically sets the message on the eve of the current date. Just go to the message board and press - to bring up the feat (from Version 1.2 of the interface). - Although this fault is mainly for System Menu 4.3, it also works on any system menu from 3.0 up to 4.3. It can perfectly replace Bannerbomb. EDIT: Added version 1.2, which corrects a performance problem if the interface is in a subdirectory containing spaces. The date is automatically set to the day before and added a function to retrieve wilbrand.exe online.

Wilbrand 1.2 GUI

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