We are pleased to announce that the first draft Xecuter Fusion was to release a beta tester. We create a new forum to bring you support and also discuss the features and you bid your contribution. team-xecuter.com/forums Although we have tried to make this first version as stable as possible, remember that this is a beta so a few bugs or other problems may be present. We can not be held responsible for any damage caused to your Xbox. Characteristics of V 1.0.6 Requirements: - A console rgh, RGH 2 (J-tag not supported) Turns your console devkit: - The console has all the features - Debugging and editing of memory - Partnernet blocked - The SlimDevs which were seen as testKit are now seen as fullDevs Control Security xex deleted: - deleted Control Region - Control path deleted - Checking the version of the library deleted - Version control modules imported deleted - Checking Id deleted media - Control of hash deleted Safety XGD deleted: - Rounding identification XGD, retail disc loading - Control AP25 deleted Retail Launch executables: - Control of an executable DevKit Rsa key if the signature fails, the loading is done with key Retail Security on containers removed: - Signature Control Rsa deleted - Checking the license removed - Arcade games launched in full, even extract Xbdm.xex: - Can mount all internal drives - Can build a case of firmware Hud.xex: - "Family Settings "changed to" Firmware Settings " Dash.xex: - The games copied to the hard drive via the dashboard no longer require the CD to be played Fusion Options: - Boot into Safe Mode by pressing eject to start (dev only) - Loading files from alternative systems Firmware \ Kernel \ - accessories and hardware operate in two modes - Switch between retail and devkit encryption for the system and links system - Bybass boot in Laucher dev - Possibility of any DVD player - Display the CPU key, key DVD and other important information - Retail and DevKit profiles can be used simultaneously - multidisc games played from the hard drive without problems - Trainer Launcher accessible by a shortcut Notes: - The animation in custom boot has a bad side which makes the boot a little longer. The animation does not start at boot but when the console has fully started. This will be fixed soon. multidisc games: - Games can now be read from disk and everything works fine when another CD is requested. For Fusion and changes automatically detects the CD, a structure must be respected. Example: \ Battlefield 3 \ \ Battlefield 3 \ DISC1 \ \ Battlefield 3 \ DISC1 \ ... \ Battlefield 3 \ disc2 \ \ Battlefield 3 \ disc2 \. .. Installation: Start by running FusionSetup.exe and fill the required information for your console. The SMC code can be extracted from J-Runner or 360 Flash Dump Tool, and be imported into Fusion. No other files are needed. Once the information is completed, press Build, save your new image, and wait for confirmation that it was created successfully. Flasher image created Burn to CD Bootdisk Fusion v1.0.6. iso Insert the CD into the console on and off with the hard drive connected, flashed the nand and insert the CD, turn on your console. In seconds, you should see the installation screen appear. The disc will take some time to copy the necessary files OS then restart the console. Upon restart, depending on the settings you specified when creating the image, the dashboard or dev-launcher will run. Your console now using Fusion 1.0.6, enjoy! Changelog: v1.0.6 (File Pack Size - 71MB) + Ported to retail consoles + Added status to XeKeys ConfigManager console screen info + Trainer launcher added, accessible-through hot-key launch v1.0.5 + Hdd load redone, now works 10x better Arcade + patch fixed license to work with all arcade games + Hud.xex button remaps now work When in dashboard + Kernel folder has-been changed to Firmware + Neighborhood maps now drives a Few More Major + code / patch revamp and clean up + Retail and Can Be Used devkit profiles, all profiles Written have dev + Games ripped to the hdd no longer Need The disc in drive to play + Minimum Version check on module imports removed hdd + Removed authentication checks, retail and dev work now HDDs + Multi Disk games Can Be ran from the hdd without problems v1 .0.4 + hdd loader To Be Changed dynamic + Fixed a bug with HvxPeekPoke + repurposed "Family Settings" in hud.xex to "Firmware Settings" + Added Config Manager to change settings fw + Xbdm.xex patched to show all drives in exploring + Xbdm.xex now mounts Kernel Module hash checks Xex + removed + Fixed a bug in dvd drive pairing ConfigManager + Fixed a bug with in mapping xbdm.xex KERNEL: \ \ v1.0.3 + Hv extensions re-enabled + All unblocked XeKeys gains + 0x75 syscall is HvxPeekPoke (ULONGLONG Dst, Src ULONGLONG, DWORD Size) retail xex files + Loads + Loads retail game disc's Bypass + xex version / media / bounding path / region checks Xam + / ​​xbdm / bootanim.xex are loaded from Hdd: \ kernel \ + Boot Into recovery mode by press eject containers Allowed Unsigned + + Unlicensed / unpackaged arcade games are full Slim testkit bug fixed + + Internal drive map always enabled Thanks & Greetz to: TheFallen93, Sonic-Iso, Xenon.7, Redline99, Tiros, c0z, l_oliveira, MODFREAKz, xorloser, k3rn3l, Podger, RF1911, tydye81 & RickyB82. No download link can be provided as encoded with XDK. Official Site: www.team-xecuter.com