Sony PSP emulator has been updated. Changes:
- Added linux support! (tested fedora and ubuntu on x86/x64);
- Added ALSA support;
- Fixed unsafe memory on linux;
- Fixed RTC;
- Better support for x64;
- Ignoring atrac3+ on linux for the moment;
- Added a new game manager (now it displays all the isos in a folder) (windows);
- Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to hang when trying to open a file before all components are fully loaded (now it waits without hanging);
- Fixed problems with GPU synchronization;
- Lots of code refactorings and cleanups;
- Improved plugin selector;
- Implemented a portable way for getting Total Microseconds;
- Better dependency injection system;
- Removed HleState;
- Added new module unittestings;
- Proper Mt19937 implementation;
- WIP new function generator (it will allow to inline some functions and to create even better code, creating local variables);
- WIP HybridThreading. Allowing to switch between a multithreaded CPU and a more compatible CPU. This will allow to have a HUGE speedup on many games when implemented.
- More work on mpeg (still not working but already demultiplexing mpeg streams);
- Some GPU fixes;
- Lots of other changes.
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