And so it is folks! finally the moment of truth has come from the hand of our super hero Captain DREAMCAST ... Today, May Day, Labor Day (in my country at least) "Captain DC" released this homebrew 2-D fighting fully editable, the fruit of their hard work of 18 months for the enjoyment of the community dreamcastera.
No further ado, I make my way and leave you a video of this wonder, courtesy of VasiliyRSakaBasilio

Speaking a little game ... that has VGA support and has selector 50 and 60 Hz
also on the website of the game have all the tutorials, so that each one learns to modify the game and create your own project.
Ah! As seen in the video this release is accompanied by this crossover fight: Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat for burning onto a CD and play it on the Dream . More information and downloads at: DC-talk and on the web where you will find the Dolmexica Statutes: Web Dolmexica and SourceForge page for the code source (GPLv3, dance!): Dolmexica SF