She was gone, but now she is back. The death of a pretty childhood friend scarred the hero in the Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere.

But now it's the time to wipe it away, because she is back as an android, and possibly the most powerful being in the universe. The only draw back is that she doesn't seem to remember anything, or feel any emotion.

Horizon looks confused. The figure makers at Wave captures the moment of unguarded vulnerability. The special Dengeki Hobby version is something no collector can afford to miss. The glitter embedded in her hair gives her a layer of glamour, her tight body suit shows off the smooth curves and the long limbs.

She's wondering why emotions are hard to deal with. Stand by her in her moment of need:

Horizon on the middle of nowhere 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: P-01s JPN * US$ 154.90

When the demons in the land of fantasy go berserk, Reimu goes to the rescue. But when she is ...[more]