Screaming at monitors while attempting to make just one more crushingly difficult checkpoint is apparently a pastime shared by many, many gamers. This week, Ubisoft revealed that the latest Trials franchise entry Trials Evolution sold approximately 500,000 units since its launch in mid-April.

Sure, it's no Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, but half a million sales in less than a month is quite impressive for a title on Xbox Live Arcade. How impressive, you ask? Well, we'd love to tell you, but Microsoft doesn't release sales numbers for XBLA games. Those rascals! For context's sake, though, we'd point out that it took just over a year for the first Trials game on XBLA to hit 1 million units sold. We get the feeling it'll take a bit less time with Evolution.

In the same slide, RedLynx is called out as having many brands with "great multiplatform potential." A quick glance at RedLynx's catalog confirms our suspicion that Trials is indeed the Finnish studio's biggest "brand." How about that!