:::: Latest News [01/07/2007] ::::
0.4.60 beta version is out, featuring geolookup for US addresses and new GUI.
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:::: Latest News [12/23/2006] ::::
Google adds detailed maps for Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Brazil, some parts of Africa and Eastern Europe to it's map service. Here is the article: http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com/...hong-kong.html

:::: News [12/20/2006] ::::

1) Some chinese company makes and sells GPS-PSP cable, specifically for MapThis!
2) New Beta version, featuring address geo-lookup, is available.

:::See this thread for details:::

NEW IN v0.4
- GPSFS format support. Map tiles are stored in a custom format for much faster transfer and access rate.
Zip support for maps is discontinued (since it was too slow for large maps)
- Added logic for low baud GPS devices (by Zero Altitude). To activate put SLOW_GPS=1 in config.txt
- Straight and path distance calculation in map mode
- Ability to add POI. ([X] in Map Mode)
- POI search / display. ([O] from Attraction selector screen). List the names of up to 100 closest
points of interest, which match your search criteria together with distances from current location
- Variable read-speed for "GPS from file" mode (FAKEFEED=1). While re-playing your pre-recorded GPS data,
press [X] to toggle re-play speed between x1,x3,x5,x7 speeds
- Last position recall. The application memorizes the latest position and zoom settings for each map.
- Improved map rotation logic for TRACK-UP mode. Use TURNSPEED variable in config.txt to specify the minimum
speed at which screen rotation takes place. This allows to reduce screen rotation due to deviation in
GPS coordinates while the device is not moving or moving slowly.
- Google maps version updated to most recent in WIFI download mode.
- "No UMD" bug is fixed. GPS read functionality does not depend on UMD in drive, wifi switch or
hold button position.
- STARTUPMAP=... option in config.txt allows to go directly to a specified map and enables the GPS mode.
- Improved and hopefully mode informative help screen ([START] button)
- New (faster) garbage collection logic (old logic used to crash application on large maps)
- More accurate distance calculation in GPS mode.
- Code cleanup (source code attached)
- New version of Windows Map Download Tool by in7ane (GPSFS conversion/support, new map vendors and much more)

Additional documentation & information:


Sample map of New York City with ~20000 POIs (banks, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets):

Map This! is compatible with Holux's "Worlds Smallest GPS receiver" - GPSlim 240, which retails on ebay @ ~$80:

  • Tracks up to 20 satellites
  • Receiver: L1, C/A code.
  • Update rate: 1 HZ(max)
  • Antenna Type: Built in Patch Antenna.
  • Minimum signal tracked: -159dBm
  • Dimension: 64 x 22 x 15 mm
  • Weight : < 35g
  • Typical positioning: 5 - 25 m CEP (without SA)
  • Differential positioning:
  • With synchronous satellite EGNOS/ WAAS:
  • Position error:
    < 2.2 m, horizontal 95% of the time.
    < 5 m, vertical 95% of the time.
  • Velocity: 0.1 m/ sec
  • Time: 1 ?sec sync GPS time
  • Reacquisition: 0.1sec
  • Cold start: < 42 seconds
  • Warm start: < 38 seconds
  • Hot start: < 1 seconds
Download version 0.4 executable via comments link and Give Feedback