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Thread: PvP PONG v3

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    psp PvP PONG v3

    BlackShark has posted a new release of his PVP Pong game, heres the release details:

    I am here to release PvP PONG v3, or Player vs. Player Pong, which bosts alot of new features,
    including (but not limited to),

    -Added Customize ability

    -Added background for Menu

    -Added Ability to load your own background with ease

    -Added BackGround Changer

    -Added Improved AI for single player

    -Added a "Player 1 wins!" and Player 2 Wins!" image at the end of a game!

    This is my first game but is now being updated to v3
    and here are some screen shots.

    what is nice in this version is that it has a background changer,
    using it is simple, just use R or L to choose a back ground and then go into
    either PvP PONG or single pong and it will load tha background of your choice

    theres also the ablity to make your own background, just put what ever background you made into the images folder and name it custom1, then choose Custom 1 in the menu. You can also make your own paddles, ball, background, and music all together, just put your own images to replace, Custom 2(background), cussa and cussb (paddles), cball (ball, duh), and cmus(music)

    NOTE:that if you replace the music, it has to be in .s3m format!, so altogether it would look like, cmus.s3m.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    i cant lie i am such a pong fan.. i juts wish it was more like pingpong than anything else.. the xbx360 ping pong game is sick.

    but for brew, these are where it all started, so i always grab the pong brew.

    holla at me pong!~!!

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    COOL!!! Downloading now, i love the pong remakes coming out, i've been looking forward to Pond 3D's Next version :-P

    Downloading now

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