Love driving but hate traffic? We hear you, and so do the people at Inrix. While the company might not come to the forefront of your mind when you consider the crowded world of navigation solutions, Inrix is a significant player in the field -- even if much of its presence exists behind the scenes. The company collects and analyzes data points from nearly 100 million sources, and now it's putting that information to work with Inrix Traffic 4 for iOS. In addition to helping users avoid congestion brought on by road work, police activity, local events and traffic accidents, the app now provides drivers with optimal routes and estimated arrival times for their two most common destinations -- a feature that's somewhat reminiscent of Nokia Drive 3. Inrix also leverages its data analysis to provide users with ideal departure times and even estimate traffic congestion throughout the day based on historical information. What's more, commuters can now quickly provide these estimated arrival times and routes to loved ones and co-workers via text message or email.
While the basic version of Inrix Traffic 4 is free, you'll have the option of upgrading to a premium version for $24.99, which brings traffic camera information and allows you to add more than two common destination points. We're told that Android users will soon find these features work their way across the aisle, although Inrix isn't yet ready to give a specific arrival date. If you're curious to learn more about Inrix Traffic 4, just hop the break for a demo video and the full PR.