via chubigan who gives a full english breakthrough of sonys firmware update for the PS3:

-Firmware 1.3 was released today. It contains the following fixes:

* Settings
o You can now register the BD remote control in [Register Bluetooth® Device] under [Accessory Settings].
o [BD/DVD Video Output Format (HDMI)] has been added as an option under [BD/DVD Settings].
o [Backup Utility] has been added as a feature under [System Settings].
o You can now select the hard disk format method in [Format Utility] and [Restore PS3™ System] under [System Settings].
o The method of selecting output resolution has been changed in [Video Output Settings] under [Display Settings].
* Other
o The compatibility of USB devices with PlayStation®2 format software titles has changed. You can now use the following on your PS3:
* Logitech Driving Force USB Steering Wheel
* Logitech Driving Force Pro USB Steering Wheel
* Logitech Driving Force EX USB Steering Wheel
* HORI Flightstick2 USB Flight Stick
* Logitech Flight Force USB Flight Stick

So there ya go. Download today on your Network Update function!

-Lots of PS Store news. Tekken 5 could be downloadable in the near future, and there are some new items headin' our way for the PS Store this week! Look for impressions of Sudoku and Lemmings soon.

-Blu-Ray sales seemed to have doubled very soon after the release of the PS3, according to Video Business. From the blog:

I haven't heard a number yet for Blu-ray, but I have heard Blu-ray disc sales were twice as high on Blu-ray in the days following the PS3's launch and backers seem pleased so far.

Sounds like a nice start for BD, but there's still a long road ahead.