A few weeks ago, an anonymous hacker released a dump of the flash0 from the PSP emulator running on the PS Vita. Although it brought nothing new for the end user, it was a verifiable proof that this hacker has access to a kernel exploit running on the PSP emulator.

This week, the same dev apparently got PS1 games to run on the Vita, as shown in the video below (thanks to the Z)

For those who wonder, I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the video, I wouldn’t see any good reason for a guy who has proven he has a kernel PSP exploit to then produce a fake.

It is important to clarify that our forum member the Z is in contact with this anonymous developer, but they are (AFAIK) not the same person. I tried to contact the developer through the Z, but sadly, he rejected my offer for an interview, as I am craving for details. The offer still stands, if he reads me

The developer says he will release his files if he manages to get sound to work on his hack. Without much details, I can only assume he has been porting popsloader to the PSP emulator of the vita. For somebody with good experience working on the PSP (especially HENs or CFW) this sounds like a doable task.

This comes at a time where Sony is struggling to get PS1 classic games support to the Vita, despite this being one of the major requests players have been sending to the company. It wouldn’t be the first time hackers handle things better than Sony on one of their consoles (to be honest hackers usually don’t have to deal with contractual constraints though).

But don’t jump of joy yet. Although the anonymous dev said he would release his files, they will be useless without the associated Kernel exploit. When contacted through the Z, the dev confirmed he would not release the exploit itself, as he, like many other hackers who have access to those exploits, knows there are not enough of them.

Until then, the only way to run unsigned content on your Vita is still VHBL

Source pspking, via the Z