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Thread: Brothers in Arms: D-Day

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    psp Brothers in Arms: D-Day

    New Commercial PSP Release:

    Fight your way through every legendary battle of the Normandy campaign, from Carentan to St. Sauveur.
    Startlingly realistic enemy AI, destructible cover, and an intuitive, customized PSP control system put you right in the thick of the battle.
    Battle with your friends in 12 different skirmish maps, using a unique shared command system for more realistic play.

    On the night before D-Day, the 101st Airborne parachuted behind enemy lines in Normandy. The hopes of the free world rested upon their shoulders. As either Sgt. Matt Baker or Cpl. Joe Hartsock, lead your Screaming Eagles into the largest airborne invasion the world has ever known.

    Buy here -->

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    Eeeeh, wasn't as great as the original versions... Still, it's impressive as a portable game! Though the AI isn't that amazing, I've yet to run into cover that could be destroyed, and there are only two pre-defined, non-customizeable control schemes... You can only battle alongside one friend in co-op mode, no player-versus-player multiplayer like in the first game. You can only command one team, with a maximum of two guys in that team, or one tank and no infantry.
    Eeeeh still great, though.

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    n wut firmware do u need?

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