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Thread: Cube Hands-on

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    psp Cube Hands-on

    D3Publisher is ready to hit the ground running with a batch of new games across all platforms in 2007. One of the titles the company will release is a unique action puzzler for the PlayStation Portable that goes by the simple name Cube. The game was in near final form at the company's holiday gathering in San Francisco last week where we got a chance to tinker around with the design on the PSP.

    Cube is a unique game in development at New Zealand studio Metia Interactive. This game is best described as Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball gone square: the whole idea is a simple race the clock challenge where you'll need to get from the start of the level to the finish in the shortest amount of time. Some missions are a simple race to the finish design, while others requires a lot more thought, like collecting keys scattered across the field. In one level, we had to trigger arrow icons on the playfield to send hazardous bombs ricocheting in specific directions in order to explode against each other to make way towards the exit. You only get one chance to get to the finish line in any one level. If you take a harmful hit against a hazard in a challenge, it's right back to the start.

    Full article at IGN

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    Seen some movies. This is a real nice game. I still think it's difficult to make a good "puzzle" game in 3d. I liked Mercury, but only for 2 weeks or so. Now the UMD is covered in dust..

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