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Thread: Puzzle Quest Hands-on

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    psp Puzzle Quest Hands-on

    Who knows what events led to the creation of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. But there it is, a game that crosses puzzles game like Bejeweled with the strategy role-playing genre. It's an interesting concept, like splicing Dance Dance Revolution with a Zork text adventure. The game showed up at a recent event in San Francisco, held by D3 Publisher to show off its upcoming titles.

    At first, Puzzle Quest looks like a typical RPG. Players choose a character among a pool of different types, as well as a gender and name. From there, the game dumps the newly formed character on top of an overworld map. Again, players will notice this looks a lot like a typical RPG setup complete with towns and castles. But here's where things shoot off in another direction. Instead of traveling the land and entering towns, players simply click on towns to bring up an options menu. They can visit a number of shops, receives quests or do whatever else happens to sit in the menu. Since the demo on display took place at the start of the game, there was only one quest available.

    Full article at IGN

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    as long as its not like Astonishia story like, i could care less how simple it is lol

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    Wow, this game looks pretty good.

    I can see that this will hit high among the ranks of current puzzle games currently among the platform of consoles.

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