Formula One racing isn't all that big over here in the United States. Race fans seem to flock to the loud and mean NASCAR events where raw speed is king rather than the extremely technical F1 races. To each his own we say, but we're hoping that regardless of preference gamers will check out Sony's Formula One Championship Edition as it's looking to be a surprisingly good game.

Though our first impressions of the game back at E3 were a little underwhelming, the racer has come a long way since then. The cars' handling feels much better, the visuals have been bumped up a few notches and what we've seen and heard about the career mode seems quite promising.

Formula One Championship Edition will be based on the 2006 F1 race season, so you'll find anything and everything attached to that year present here. That means you'll have access to 18 tracks, 11 teams and 22 drivers. Even if you're not a Formula One fan, you can simply stick to picking a team here associated to your favorite car brand. We happen to be Ferrari nuts over here.

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