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It’s finally “done” and uploaded! Here is my entry in the 2012 Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition (my other game, Time Frack 3D, is clearly not going to be done in time)!
Hero City 2 is the sequel to last years super hero game. It features improved graphics, an unlimited draw distance, more enemy types, improved combat, structured gameplay with actual objectives and tons more. There is even a bonus mode with a first person view.
Wii controls:
Analog stick = Move
Directional pad = Turn the camera
Shake wiimote = Right fisted punch
Shake nunchuck = Left fisted punch
A button = Jump (hold to charge up for a higher jump)
Z button = Turn the camera in the same direction as the player
1 button = Save
2 button = Return to the title screen
Download the Wii version

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