New Limited Editions are added to the Auction House every day, and here is your chance to grab one of these deluxe box sets at a price far below the list price. Neptune and her sister Nep Gear are coming to all gamers who get the Limited Edition Boxsets. They are super deformed and very cute, and they bring the special Soundtrack CD with them.

The evil witch Majeconne is back, and Game Gyou World falls into chaos. The shops ran out of business, the creators are starving, and most of the children are worshiping Magieconne as a goddess.

All the people who lost their lives will be sent to eternal darkness. But have no fear, the girls from Neptune are back, and this time, they bring their little sisters with them. With more girls and more colors, hopefully they can revive the game that they are in.

The copy at the Auction House is a Brand New Item. There is not a dent nor a scratch. The customer who wins the bid gets to feel the rip of the factory seal as they open their box. Please ...[more]