ASUS has managed to keep a tight lid on its Computex 2012 lineup, but it left no doubt about this: it wason the verge of announcing a dual OS (and possibly dual form factor) device capable of running both Android and Windows. Otherwise, we've been left to throw guesses at the wall. Was this to be a Transformer Pad running Win8? A dual-side touchscreen device? Well, friends, you needn't wonder any more. The company just announced the Transformer AiO, an 18.4-inch desktop that runs both operating systems.
Unlike the Android-and-ARM-based Viewsonic desktop we saw earlier today, the Transformer AiO seems rooted in Windows 8: it boots into Win8, and transitions into Android only after you press a button. In addition to running two OS', the AiO has dual form factors: you can use it as a traditional all-in-one if you like, or you can detach the screen from the base and use it as a wireless display (slash, an absurdly large 18-inch tablet). No word yet on when this will be available or how much it will cost. For now, we've got an extra photo in the gallery below, along with a walk-through video after the break.