Newly released/announced for the PSvita on import from Play Asia:

Release Date: Oct, 2012. Sigma wakes up in the middle of an elevator with a mysterious girl. He has no idea how he ended up there, he only knew that if he doesn't escape before the time's up, he'd become a puddle of blood and bones. And this is only the first test. Feel the suspense, the danger and the urgency in Kyoukugen Dasshutsu.Do some detective work, find clues about your surroundings and talk to the people you meet on the way. There are 9 characters in total. Each of them has their own agenda, some will offer assistance only to betray you in your hour of need. Find out about them during the adventure part, and fiddle with the locks and solve other puzzles during the mini-game part.The gamer can configure the difficulty levels, so after escaping from the Easy Mode, come back for the Hard Mode.選んだ選択によって分岐していく「ノベルパート」と、ボリューム満点の思考型パズルを解き明かし ていく「脱出パート」で構成される、極限状態からの脱出劇が楽しめるアドベンチャーゲーム。見知らぬ場所に さらわれてきた9人が、脱出をかけて裏切りのゲーム「アンビデックスゲーム」をすることに。勝者には自由が 、敗者には死の罰が与えられる究極のゲーム。信頼とだましあいの先に待ちかまえているものとは、果たして… …?

Price: US$ 44.90 / Not yet published or released