Even though NVidia and ATI have been open-source friendly for a while now, there still isnít a true open-source graphics card. [Anton] and [Per] are trying to fix that by building his own graphics card around an FPGA. The project is called ORSoC, and itís available on opencores.com.
The guys are building the ORSoC graphics card around a Digilent Atlys FPGA dev board. So far, he can draw lines, textured triangles, bitmap or vector fonts, and throw a few 3D meshes up on the screen. This project isnít intended to run advanced OpenGL or Steam on Linux, but for all the work that into this graphics accelerator, itís an amazing piece of work.
There are a few demos after the break; a cube rotating in 3D and a demo drawing and translating polygons and a few textures. The ORSoC is a bit slow, but thatís an artifact of the build not being optimized for the FPGA the team is using. If youíd like to test this graphics card, thereís a Git available. As a bonus you donít even need an FPGA to play around with this project. Thereís also a software emulation of all the functions. Very neat.