Narukami Yuu calls forth the power of the Fool's arcana. His Persona card bursts out from a wisp of blue flames. The figure designers and sculptors improve with every figure they make. The face of Narukami captures his calm strength and his cool personality. And the body is loyally sculpted to portray his slenderness.

His uniform is printed with the stitches, and even the design on his trainers are included. Put the glasses on him by slipping his alternative hair part on. And there is a little gimmick on the box. Cut out the paper craft anime guide book printed in the corner, fold it and slip in into his hand.

Re-create the scene where he summons Izanagi by putting up the plate. If you already own the Figuarts version of the persona, put the two back to back for more force in your display:

Figuarts Zero Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Yuu Narukami JPN * US$ 56.90

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