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European gamers have been feeling a might edgy of late; rumors have been circulating that the PS3 will be pushed even further out into 2007 ... possible to September. People put off by those comments were reassured this past weekend, when Sony sent around an email letting everyone know they could register for their online IDs with the PlayStation Network. The Guardian post that describes this development also links to a post on the Three Speech site, a Sony marketing blog. The site has posted more tidbits about the European launch, and assures eager gamers that they'll see the console launch in the early weeks of March 2007. From that post:
"In terms of the European online store, while still being extremely vague, a spokesman for SCE Europe was able to explain that Sony would have no defense if they were to charge the European consumer more than in other regions as there are no extra costs on digital distribution as apposed to a product with packaging etc. So expect a $15.00 download to cost people in the UK around 6.50."