Play with Alchemy with Totori. Her world is transferred from the game to your display shelf. Look through the recipe book in her hand and find the materials scattered around her base. There is a set of vials on the bucket that she uses as a makeshift shelf. The throws and beads and soft toys add a warm tinge of colour to the display.

The ship's wheel portrays the peaceful town which Totori lives in. The figure maker Tachibanagawa Tefu creates Totori's lightness. He loyally lined her skirt and her headdress with a semi transparent material. And turn her around to admire the blue bow behind her back, shine a light on it and it'll sparkle to life like an exotic swallowtail butterfly.

Let's take a break from saving the world. Open up your own workshop and help those who need a bit of alchemy in their lives. The figure of Totori captures the ambience of the game. Give Totori a corner in your display case to place her persona knick-knacks.

Atelier Totori 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Totori JPN * US$ 119.90