Newly released/announced for the PSP on import from Play Asia.

Release Date: Jul 19, 2012. As a hunter based in Poke village, you hunt the monsters that are threatening the safety of the people and the development of the village. You are rewarded through monetary means, items or weapons for your services to the people. In this second powered up installment, G-level quests are available, the road ahead for the monster hunter is dangerous, but there is no occupation more exciting than this one!Make use of the facilities in the village like the farms and training grounds. Venture into the wild fields and jungles to encounter fearsome monsters, there are more species to hunt down this time. Battle them and acquire their hide or claws as add-ons for your armor and weapons.Although fighting the massive creatures single-handedly is an immensely satisfying experience, you need not fight alone. By using the network function on your PSP, gather a few friends and conduct a hunting party.150万本以上の出荷(2007年12月4日現在)を誇る、PSP®専用ソフト「モ ンスターハンターポータブル2nd」に待望の新作『G』が登場!新たな領域に踏み込む、「G級クエスト」を 筆頭に、初登場となるモンスターや驚きの新要素を搭載し進化する。ハンターの拠点となるポッケ村を中心に、 集会所、訓練所、ポッケ農場、アイルーキッチンなど好評だった要素はそのままに、より狩猟生活が満喫できる パワーアップ要素を随所に詰め込んでいる。さらに『MHP』時代に慣れ親しんだフィールドに加え、新フィー ルド・樹海が登場。そこに生きるモンスターたちが、ハンター達を待つ!協力プレイもさらに充実し、仲間と共 に狩りへ出掛ける楽しさ、コミュニケーション要素が劇的進化。データ引継ぎ&脅威の進化、お手頃価格&圧倒 的ボリュームで『MHP 2nd』のハンターや初心者の方にも安心の1本に。ハンターの道は終わる事をしらない!!

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