Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days. This is quite a busy week. Solve murder cases and get to know your true self in Persona 4: The Golden, reveal the vampires to the sunlight in Akiba's Trip Plus, and play Super Monkey Ball the Adult way.

It's time to go back into the TV and solve a string of murder cases. Persona 4 The Golden comes back with the shadows, the labyrinths and the enchanting characters. Meet the new character Mari, and see how she complicates the plot and how she aids the team. The game comes with more commu events and options.

Characters can now visit neighbourhood towns on their motorcycles. This license becomes important in the battles too, as sometimes characters that are not in your battle team ride into the fray to aid you. Persona develop new powers and get into new forms as they evolve. With network options and many more contents, the game brings the wacky horror to the new level.

The Famitsu DX Packs are expected to arrive ...[more]