Newly released/announced for the Nintendo DS from play asia:

After a mysterious comet falls to earth, strange things begin to happen in the undergrowth. Vegetation and insects begin to take on an intelligent life of their own. As the mushrooms begin to become aware of themselves, societies form (peaceful Bolete, strategic Morel, ambitious Amanita, and mysterious Lepiota). As these societies form, so do ambitions. While some are for peace and prosperity, others want domination and destruction. Our story begins with the peaceful Bolete village being attacked by mutant beetles. As the beetles begin to rampage the Bolete village, our hero character [players choose from Heavy, Scout or Sage all from the Bolete tribe] must travel on his own to find reinforcements to not only protect his village, but to rescue their beloved chieftain. After enlisting the help of the Amanitas to save the Bolete chieftain, the true ambition of the Amanita society becomes revealed - they plan on enslaving the peaceful Boletes and taking control of the village. It is now up to our Hero to find new allies and rescue his fellow villagers from Amanita enslavement. After an adventurous journey through different landscapes and the help of Bolete allies, the Amanitas are driven away from the Bolete village. But the Amanitas cannot be so easily defeated and vow to return. Will the Amanitas return? Only time will tell.

Price: US$ 14.40 / Usually ships within 5-15 days