Welcome to our Weekly Pre-order Games news. Keep yourself abreast, read up on games that are just announced for release. Destroy the Necromorphs in Dead Space 3, accelerate and stop time in Accel World, fly to the future to shoot down enemies in Ginga Force, and revisit Final Fantasy III on your Sony PSP.

Put an end to the Necromorph outbreak once and for all. Isaac Clark returns to space with the merciless soldier John Carver. The full campaign can be played in single player and online co-op mode.

Your Isaac can go it alone or partner up with someone to watch his back. Players can drop in and drop out easily, so ask someone to aid you when the undead gets out of hand.

The game takes place on a icy planet called Tau Volantis. Navigate in this hostile terrain to find scraps to build your weapon. Head to the underground cities to discover the secrets frozen under the ice. Take up side missions to win better parts and trophies. Because you need everything you can get your hands on to deal with the more ...[more]