More news about Dolphin, the next version of the GameCube emulator for Windows.

Dolphin x64 / Dual Core - Announced!

ector (dolphin developer)
"In any case, Dolphin in 64-bit dual core mode now also does 25-30 fps in Wind Waker on some Core 2 Duo monster machines.. 13-15 on my 3800+ X2."

Well the suprise for me is that ector announced it , so might as well let the 'few' gamecube followers on NGemu know (I swear this was meant to be a secret...tsk tsk ector!)

A few shots from it (rig in sig), and no ETA on release, and this is defo 'preliminary' work.

Zelda TP has no FPS on it due to a draw layer problem, however, in single core mode it runs 11-13 FPS. (dual core causes problems for this game, though it would add and extra 3-4 FPS on my machine for this game)

Check the link if you want to see the screens from Zelda TP, tested by one one of the beta tester, CKemu