125m adults in the UK and US are playing games on a phone.
EA division, PopCap Games, says the 125 million total is equivalent to 44 per cent of people, up from 29 per cent last year.
It said tablets are driving the change, with nine per cent of owners becoming mobile gamers. Indeed, the iPad and Kindle are responsible for 11 million newbies in the past year.
An impressive 46 per cent of all video game time is spent on a mobile device, with phones securing 33 per cent of gameplay, compared to consoles, which took 18 per cent.
Unsurprisingly, 57 per cent of dual device owners play daily, compared to 41 per cent of single device owners, while 56 per cent of dual players are male.
70 per cent have taken up mobile gaming due to the rising freemium format, while 47 per cent cite a better phone with gaming functions, and a quarter say it's due to a tablet purchase.