2K Games has announced that its critically acclaimed Sid Meier’s Civilization V is now part of Steam Workshop.
Civilization V mod authors can now post their mods in Steam Workshop, meaning fans can browse mods in-game and share mod collections with friends.
Civ fans now have the added benefit of using Steam Workshop for their Civilization V modding,” said Sarah Anderson, senior vice president of marketing for 2K. “With this partnership and theCivilization V: Gods & Kings expansion pack, it’s a great time to be a Civ fan.”
Along with this, there will be an expansion pack entitled Civilization V: Gods & Kings, due out on in North America on June 19th, and internationally on June 22th.
God & Kings takes players through time as they engage in new quests and global competitions. Players will be able to interact with new types of city-states and master new systems for land and naval combat. Nine new civilizations, each ruled by a new leader; nine new wonders; three original scenarios; and dozens of new units, buildings, technologies and resources have also been added.